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How to save time and money by stopping your clients from asking for endless design revisions today!

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on November 20, 2014 in Design Editorial

I’m sure that most of us designers out there have had at least a few clients that seem to continuously ask you for revisions. These projects seem to go on devastatingly slow as the client proceeds to ask for one more thing after another. This is extremely frustrating as a designer and it can be a complete waste of your valuable time and energy. It can happen with any design project including logo designs, business card designs and even something seemingly simple as stationery design. So, how to you stop it? This can be a very slippery slop as you try to eliminate excessive client revisions w

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8 Free Resume (CV) Templates for Designers available for Download

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on November 12, 2014 in Freebies

Having an excellent resume presentation is essential for everyone. It is your introduction sheet to your future employer and it should be the best that it possibly can be. Today’s tough and competitive job market can be really hard to crack and an outstanding resume (CV) presentation can really make a huge difference on whether you get that coveted interview or not. For designers especially a well prepared and presented resume can really make or break it for you. It is your chance as a designer not only to outline your skills but also to actually show off some of your design flare, taste an

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100 Hoopties: Iconic logos turned into creative bicycle poster art

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on November 5, 2014 in Industry News

As I was crawling around the Internet the other day, I stumbled upon a really cool and creative graphic design project. It is a really fun and imaginative project that I immediately wanted to share.  This project is called 100 Hoopties and it was created by Jennifer Beatty. Jennifer is both a graphic designer and a cyclist who was seeking to bridge her two passions into one as a part of her Masters in Branding degree that she is pursuing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. So what is this awesome project? Jennifer decided to recreate 100 iconic logos and other recognizable design

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20 Top Lion Logos for small to medium businesses

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on October 28, 2014 in Logo & Brand review

Lions are the kings of the animal kingdom. They are very strong and powerful animals that are continuously admired by humankind. Lions are also a very popular and trendy source of imagery used in logo design and many companies from around the world use lions in their logos. For example, Peugeot, MGM Grand, ING Bank, RBC bank, Saab and Löwenbräu beer all use lions in their logos. Why are lions so popular in logos? Because lion’s represent strength, authority, wisdom, power, royalty, courage, justice and dignity. A lion is the perfect symbol for a company that is powerful, professional and r

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20 Awesome Free Fonts for Download

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on October 20, 2014 in Free Fonts

Fonts and typography are quintessential elements in every graphic design project. Whether you are designing a new logo, a brochure, a business card or even a website, the fonts that you choose to use can make or break your design. Always remember that it is very important to choose your fonts carefully for each and every one of the designs that you create. The typography that you decide to use in any given project really influences its impact, mood and likability. All depending on the typeface that you decide to use, a logo design for example can come across as childish and fun or confident an

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McCain Introduces A New Brand Identity after 50 years

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on October 15, 2014 in Logo & Brand review

McCain, the Canadian frozen food giant, has finally rebranded itself and undergone a massive brand makeover. Founded by four brothers in 1957, the McCain brand has been using the same signature yellow-and-black-box logo for the past 50 years. Faced with new challenges and a changing market, McCain has realized that their brand needed a revamp in order to stay relevant and compete. BrandOpus, the Australian-based branding specialist, was asked by McCain’s to take on the sensitive task of creating a new logo for McCain’s as well as new packaging design. BrandOpus was asked to make the McC

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10 Best Free Photoshop Swirl Brushes: Flourishes, Florals, Flowers and more

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on October 8, 2014 in Freebies

Looking to add some flash and flourish to your design? Check out there awesome Photoshop Brushes that are available for you to download absolutely free. Free Photoshop brushes are an invaluable resource on the Internet. Use them to spice up your designs without wasting hours upon hours creating the Photoshop brushes yourself. Shared Photoshop brushes are great time-savers and they are fantastic design resources just waiting to be used. Use them in your logo designs, business cards, stationery and more. Decorate your designs and make them pop by adding some of these amazing free Photoshop brus

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Ello: Is it the new Social Media Phenomenon that will replace Facebook?

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on September 29, 2014 in Industry News

This past Saturday morning started out just like any other. With coffee in hand, I popped open my laptop eager to enjoy a relaxing morning of slowly waking up while checking my Facebook (doesn’t everyone do this nowadays?). As I slowly scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed however, I noticed that something was different. One word, Ello, kept appearing over and over again. At first, I skimmed over my friends Ello posts but as I continued scrolling, I just kept seeing more and more about Ello. I quite simply had to know more. What were all my friends talking about? What is this Ello that seems to

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Apple iPhone 6: Specification, Features, Price and more

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on September 24, 2014 in Industry News

Apple's September Keynote presentation made big waves in the design and technology communities again this year. They made several new product announcements that have lit the Internet abuzz. Two new Apple products, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch, attracted a lot of attention while the day also marked the official announcement of the arrival of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which has been long anticipated by a lot of us Apple fans out there. The new iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches tall whereas the iPhone 6 Plus is an even bigger model at 5.5 inches. Both are bigger than previous iPhones howe

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Apple Watch Review: How bad do you want it?

Posted by Sarah Wiliams on September 15, 2014 in Industry News

Apple made a bold new announcement last week that is making headlines around the world. They are expanding their current product line with the introduction of an Apple Watch whose release has been rumored for the few months. Yes!!! I can’t believe that Apple is finally entering the watch market. As with everything that they have done thus far, I expect big changes to this age-old industry now that Apple is on the hunt for market share and success. Of course, Apple always has to come out with a huge bang and they have done just that with this new Apple Watch. It is a new and revolutionary

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