Christmas Cards and other Holiday Graphic Design Inspiration

Posted by Raffi on November 23, 2010 in Printing

With Christmas right around the corner, we truly are in store for some great new graphic design works for print. I love this time of year and I especially love all the wonderful Christmas cards and Christmas posters that start to litter both our houses and our streets. The whole graphic design community seems to perk up and create some truly dazzling and spectacular Christmas creations for print at this time of year.

In the spirit of Christmas, I thought it would be nice if this year, I showcased and shared with you some of the great graphic design works that have come out of Christmas in the past. I know that some of you are probably even already scrambling to come up with designs for your company’s Christmas cards this year. Hopefully, this Christmas graphic design and print showcase will give you some inspiration and motivate you to get those cards finished on time.

Christmas Card Designs

This delightful Christmas cards were created by Clint Ford.

Christmas Cards - Clint Ford - 1

Christmas Cards - Clint Ford - 2

Merry Christmas from Kasia

This amazing Christmas card was actually handcrafted and baked before turned into a Christmas card for Punktk. I love this idea of creating something truly original with your hands and having it printed out for all of your customers to see. Great work!

Here is the design:

Merry Christmas from Kasia 2

Here is the process:

Merry Christmas from Kasia 1

Christmas Card

This decorative Christmas card was first hand-drawn by creator Patrycja Zywert and then vectorized. I love how simple and elegant it is.

Christmas Card 2

Xmas 2009

This is a stunning illustration Christmas project created by José Domingo Betancur Gómez of Columbia. It is titled ‘The Early Bird Catcheth The Worm’.



Christmas Card

This is a folding/unfolding Christmas card designed by Tuukka Koivisto.

Christmas card by Tuukka Koivisto 1

Christmas card by Tuukka Koivisto 2

Christmas card by Tuukka Koivisto 3

Christmas card by Tuukka Koivisto 4

Christmas card by Tuukka Koivisto 5

Light up the Christmas spirit Christmas Cards

This set of beautiful Christmas cards was created by Gary Chew in 2009. He came up with a rather unique design concept.

“Design based on a lamp cover concept. The card can be fold into a triangle shape and there will be a glow stick provided to hang between the card. So that it will glow in the dark and the light will passed through the die cut hole.”

Light up the Christmas spirit 1

Light up the Christmas spirit 2

Light up the Christmas spirit 3

Marche de Noel Poster

This is a poster design created by two Romanian designers, Stefan Lucut and Pose Radu for the Marche de Noel event in 2009.

Marche de Noel Christmas Poster

Holiday Cards

These beautifully designed Holiday cards were designed by Nicole LaFave.

Holiday cards by Nicole LaFave 1

Holiday cards by Nicole LaFave 2

Holiday cards by Nicole LaFave 3

Holiday cards by Nicole LaFave 4

Christmas Card

This Christmas card was created by Fernando José Pérez for the the School of Arts & Design of Saint-Luc in Liège (Belgum).

Christmas Card

Merry Xmas

This cute 2010 Christmas card was created by Hugo Silva.

Christmas Card 8

Merry Christmas Card

This Merry Christmas illustration and card is just too cute for me not to include here. It was created by Typozon.

Merry Christmas Card

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